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How to Pick the Right Memory Foam Mattress

When it comes to buying a mattress, you do not just walk into a store and buy any because it is attractive to the eyes. If you do this, you might be wondering why your mattress foam does not last long. For a mattress to be of good quality, its foam firmness must categorically mean a lot.

Many salespersons rarely guide mattress buyers who are unaware of how to pick the right memory foam mattress. Instead, they entice customers into buying a mattress that will add them more commission without considering whether the customer is satisfied or not. When this happens, a customer ends up buying a mattress he or she may not have intended to. Others decide to buy a mattress that has no guarantee of firmness if their pocket is not friendly. However, this article will exclusively deal with these uncertainties and help you pick the best memory foam at any time you go shopping.

Follow these simple guidelines, and you will have yourself the right mattress form

  1. Consider the foam density

memory foam density

Mattress foam density has more to do with how long a mattress will last. The level of comfort and duration of a mattress highly depend on how thick is the mattress. The higher the density of the memory foam, the firmer the mattress.

Density in a mattress is estimated using weight per cubic weight with the latest brands ranging between 3 to 5 cubic weights. Foam below this range is of low quality and has low longevity span. Those beyond this range is however not comfortable since it is too hard to bear for a night.

  1. Consider mattress depth

When it comes to choosing a mattress, the thickness of the foam plays a very vital role. Thickness is how the mattress feels once you press it using your hands. If you want to pick the right memory foam mattress based on the depth of the foam, you must examine the different layers thickness.

A standard memory foam mattress has on average two to six layers that rest on the inner support layer. People with big body muscles and body weight require foam with deep layer since it allows them to rest their entire body more comfortably without unpleasant compression.

If your bed is adjustable, it is also good to pick mattress foam that is above twelve inches. This ensures that the foam conforms to the contours of the bed hence no suffering from unpleasant compression as well.

  1. Consider the foam sensitivity to temperatures

Different memory foam mattress responds differently to temperature effect. When the room is cold, some mattress foam becomes hard and more film. This behavior is unpleasant since they require the sleepers’ body temperature to seep inside the foam to make it conform to surrounding temperatures. This kind of foams is not the best since instead of giving you the optimal temperature to aid you to sleep comfortably, they drain heat from you.

Mattress foam that not affected by environment temperature is the best. They remain constant and do not affect the body temperatures of the sleeper.

  1. Consider a memory foam that suits your bed size

Memory foam mattress comes in different standard sizes depending on bed size. You, therefore, need to get the right mattress foam for your bed. You can take the measurements of your bed and try to compare with available mattress sizes.

  1. Choose a mattress foam depending on your sleeping position

People have different sleeping positions. We have those that like sleeping on their side. These are the side sleepers. Side sleepers further consist of those who love sleeping with their body curved and those that put their body straight. All these sleeping positions require a different kind of mattress. For those who bend their body, they need to buy mattress foam that is not too firm. This ensures that the mattress takes the curved shape of the body and reduces the chances of back pain. For those who sleep on the side with their body straight, you can buy a foam mattress firm enough to support body weight.

For stomach and back sleepers, you need to pick mattress foam that is firm enough to support the entire body weight.

  1. Know your favorite memory foam and the manufacturer

In the market, we have different companies offering mattresses form with different capabilities. You need to know how unique you want your foam of choice is from the rest. Here you need to increase your research, consult from friends, and make a comparison. The mattress foam with the best quality solemnly depends on the place of manufacturing. In the USA, Canada and various countries in Europe you can find quality mattress from varies manufacturing companies. China also has quality mattress foams though are less durable.

  1. Durability

The durability of the mattress foam is something else that requires keenness. Even though this factor is more difficult to identify, you have to work on it. Memory foam durability, however, depends on the density ratings. The higher the score, the higher the chances of your mattress foam having a higher duration rating.

  1. Firmness

To ascertain how firm mattress foam is you need to establish its indentation load deflection. The higher the rating of the indentation load deflection of a mattress, the more film the mattress. The ILD, however, has a score. A score of 12 is a soft foam while that of 50 and above is rated as a film mattress product. Having that information in mind, it will help you get a mattress with the right foam more easily.

  1. Consider if the seller is licensed

Companies that have been tested and proven will rarely produce mattress foam of poor quality. Check for the stamp of the seller in the sticker of the mattress and scrutinize it to ascertain if it is a counterfeit or not. If it is not original, raise the alarm to help other customers from being conned.


It is my hope that this article equips you with the right information. It is vital you understand what entails to get the proper mattress foam. As you go about picking that mattress foam of your choice, put the above into consideration.

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